We have open training sessions two times a year. The next open trainings will be in September. No need to have any experience or gear! You can borrow gear from us and the training will be beginner-friendly. Interested? Click this for more info!


Our league was founded in 2011 by General Teresa and Kamikaaskop. Northern Lightning Rollergirls was one of the first roller derby teams in the Netherlands, and the first one in the north. A few years later another league was founded, Roaring Thunder Men’s Derby – the first men’s team in the Netherlands. After practicing together for ages, we decided to merge, and in 2017 we officially became Roller Derby Groningen.

This brings us where we are now: a small but enthusiastic league with three teams (women, men and co-ed), some junior members and a lot of derby love.

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Roller derby is a full-contact team sport played on roller skates. There’s no ball, no puck, no stick: just roller skates, protective gear and a kick-ass attitude.

Matches are played on a flat, oval-shaped track, and two teams compete against each other to score the most points.

You may have only recently started hearing about derby, but the sport is nearly 100 years old. Find out more about the rules, the history and why you should give derby a chance.

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