Privacy Policy


This privacy policy applies to all personal data processed by Roller Derby Groningen through their website and from their members. When you become a member or provide personal information for any reason you give explicit permission to process your personal data in line with this Privacy Policy. We advise you to read and keep the Privacy Policy for your own administration.


Responsible for the processing of personal data is the board of:
Roller Derby Groningen, KvK 55773486, Abel Tasmanplein 119, 9401 AZ Assen
The board can be reached via

2.What information does Roller Derby Groningen process and for what purpose?

2.1 In the context of your membership, the following personal data are processed:

  1. First and last name, title, date of birth, Facebook profile
    b. Address details
    c. Telephone number (s), e-mail address (s), bank account number (s)
    d. Attendance at practice and at games, choice in team
    e. Complaints you have lodged and/or that are lodged about you

2.2 Roller Derby Groningen processes the personal data referred to in 2.1 for the following purposes:

  1. Your name, title, address, telephone number and e-mail address will be used for contact about membership and possible cancellation thereof, registration and deregistration for third parties (WFTDA), for the provision of the information requested by you or for the settlement of the information obtained from you. Your date of birth is used to apply junior membership. You can freely join our Facebook member group by providing us with your Facebook profile.
  2. Your name, title, address and telephone number is used for sending invitations and information about services and activities of Roller Derby Groningen.
  3. Your name and bank account number is used to settle payments of the membership fee and other services purchased
  4. Your attendance is used to apply pause- or normal membership and to fill in the game roster. If you chose to play with the women- or men’s team, your choice will be registered as well. You never need to provide any proof of your gender of sex, in conformity with our internal rules.
  5. Complaints you have lodged, or that are lodged about you, are treated through our complaints procedure. The registry of complaints is only accessible by the board and information filed with these complaints is deleted after 24 months.

2.3 Your name, title, e-mail address and telephone number will be used up to two years after your original inquiry or up to two years after the end of the agreement to ask you about your experiences with Roller Derby Groningen and to inform you about the developments of Roller Derby Groningen.

3. Storage periods
Roller Derby Groningen processes and stores your personal data for the duration of your membership up to two years after the end of this membership. Your contracts and invoices will be stored for a maximum of 7 years. Subsequently the data will be destroyed.

4. Security measures and processors
Roller Derby Groningen has taken appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data.

5. Right of inspection, removal and complaints

5.1 You can submit a request to view, receive, change or delete your personal data through the Secretary of Roller Derby Groningen. Roller Derby Groningen will process your request and inform you about this within one month of receipt.

5.2 If you wish to object to the (further) processing of your personal data as referred to in Article 2, you can also contact the Secretary.

5.3 If you have complaints about the way in which Roller Derby Groningen processes your personal data or treats your requests, you can contact the Secretary.

5.4 Any other questions or comments about this Privacy Policy can be directed to the Roller Derby Groningen board via

5.5 You have the right to lodge a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens).

6. Email notification (opt-out):
Roller Derby Groningen uses your name and email address to send you her email newsletter with information about activities, services and other interesting information about the membership of Roller Derby Groningen. Cancellation for these mailings is possible at any time.

7. Changes
This Privacy Policy can be changed. The changes will be announced via the newsletter and Facebook. We advise you to regularly view the Privacy Policy.